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Is Fundamental

Over-security is fundamental We only entrust our funds to certified and proven investment partners. This is what distinguishes Asset Experts from the competition. We check all our employees and cooperating platforms to ensure 100% safety of our clients.

Real-Time Auditing

Is Fundamental

To set the standard of transparency in the industry, Asset Experts works with Armanino to provide real-time credentials over the company's fiduciary holdings. With this Reserve Audit - a pioneering move for the cryptocurrency investment space - we give you complete peace of mind that Asset Experts is able to deliver on your client's obligations at all times.

Risk Management

Is Fundamental

AssetExperts implements market-neutral strategies, we have guaranteed revolving credit in many cooperating platforms. This allows us to maintain a strong liquidity position, meet the demand for investments and further development. By offering many investment plans, we provide service to customer needs while generating significant revenues.


Is Fundamental

Through custody partners such as BitGo, Ledger Vault, Bakkt BitGo, Ledger Vault, Bakkt has a comprehensive network of fiduciary and insurance service providers. In total, they hold USD 75 million of insurance protection for fiduciary assets through the most prestigious insurers such as Tokio Marine Asset Experts.

Global Licensing

Is Fundamental

With multiple licenses, Asset Experts has gone a step further in ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework in place. Together with our leading legal advisor and proactive cooperation with regulatory decision makers, we ensure the sustainability of our products for many years.

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  • Live Automated Platform

  • Fully Audited Smart Contracts

  • Full Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Security

  • Military-Grade 256-bit Encryption

  • Extensive Firewall Server Architecture

  • Regular Third-Party Penetration Testing and Platform Assessment

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